Trip to Devil's Rock

A destination that has been stirring spirits since the 11th century. Where on the site of the Vrbovec castle the devil threw a rock and where Kornrad I Vrbovški hid his treasure. A mysterious place that offers visitors, young and old, a real adventure.

An idyllic location for a wonderful trip

Stories that inspire you. A location that enchants you. A breathtaking view of the Upper Savinja Valley and the Alps, and a fairy-tale adventure for the little ones that takes their imaginations to the next level. Welcome!

Trip to Devil's Rock

The legend of the devil’s rock dates back to the 11th century of today’s reckoning, when at a place between the Savinja and Dreta rivers, a farmer ordered the devil to throw a rock at that place. The Devil’s Rock, as it is still called today, was never approached by the Devil again. And as tradition says, the devil and evil shun anyone who touches it.

In the place where the devil threw the rock, the lords of the castle built the Vrbovec castle in the 12th century, which still stands today and is considered one of the most beautifully preserved castles in Slovenia. However, many stories and narratives have also been preserved. Everything from the secret tunnels between the Vrbovec castle, the mint by the river Dreta and the hidden treasure of Konrad I. Vrbovše.

Today, because of its tradition and idyllic surroundings, Hudičeva skala is a popular destination for many happiness seekers and an ideal location for beautiful weddings and family or group trips. Children and young explorers, like many ancestors before us, can try their hand at searching for Konard’s treasure.

Wonderful location

In the center of the medieval castle Vrbovec, between the confluence of the rivers Savinje and Drete, unspoilt nature and a view of the Kamnik-Savinj Alps.

Rich history

Historically important location and rich cultural heritage, which has been preserved and which attracts and inspires many visitors even today.

Families and groups

Hudičeva skala is a popular destination for families and groups and everyone who wants happiness in life. We also offer a varied catering offer.

A paradise for children

With the help of an ancient map and hidden clues, young explorers will easily compete in the search for Konrad’s mysterious treasure.

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Hunting for Konrad’s Treasure


A true adventure of discovering the well-known and lesser-known curiosities and secrets of the medieval castle.

You will look for mysterious clues on the way to the Vrbov treasure.

A long time ago, the nobleman Kondrad I. Vrbovški lived in the Vrbovec castle, who recklessly squandered his wealth.

It is said that one night his wife hid a chest of gold coins in the vicinity of the castle for hard times, but all traces of the treasure were lost and the chest was never found until today.

Maybe the treasure is waiting for you. But be careful, the villain himself, who has his own rock in the Vrbovec castle, can trouble you. And when the devil has young people, he has a lot of them… more precisely, there are as many as 11 of them here, because 11 points with challenges await you and with each correctly solved puzzle, you will get a new clue for the next location.

Do you still dare?

The story of the Devil's Rock

Near Savinja, a poor little farmer Bogo once lived in poverty. A cow was all he had. He also helped himself by fishing in Savinja, which was forbidden. And one day, while poaching, the servants of the lords of the castle notice him, and the farmer in distress says aloud: “Devil himself, help me so that I can live better!” And at that moment, the devil appears to him and promises the farmer carefree fishing and three years of prosperity in exchange for his soul when these three years are over. The farmer agrees to this, and his life immediately ends. The farmer was doing better day by day, he even bought a new cow. However, after two and a half years, the farmer remembers that all good things will come to an infernal end. So he comes up with an idea and summons the devil again and asks him for one last favor. The devil agrees in exchange for taking the farmer’s soul before morning. The farmer agrees and asks the devil to bring him a huge rock from Čreta to build a house on. However, when the devil wants to bring it to the farmer, the rock was too heavy. The night has already turned into day, and in that moment the farmer rings the church bell. Thinking that it was already morning, the devil threw the rock right between the river Savnia and Dreta, where it stands to this day. From that moment on, the devil avoids the rock and everyone who touches it.

Hudičeva Skala
Hudičeva Skala


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