The devil is in the details, we mention him every day in colloquial language. Some say it’s just a fairy tale, yet others are saying he is waiting for us on the other side. Nobody really knows what it is, but the fact is that he owns one of his properties in the Upper Savinja Valley.
In the middle of the town of Nazarje stands in the middle of the castle yard a high rock, which the locals call the devil's rock. The Devil's Rock is accompanied by a very special devil. Whoever climbs it is supposed to be invisible to the devil for a year. How to interpret or exploit such invisibility is actually a matter for the individual, and certainly the devil is part of a fun story from the valley.
With a few intermediate stops in the most beautiful parts of the Upper Savinja Valley, the route from Ljubljana to the Devil's Rock and back is perfect for anyone who wants an authentic alpine experience a little differently.
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The Search For Conrads Treasure

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    Near Savinja, a poor little farmer, Bogo, once lived in poverty. The cow was all he had. The farmer helped himself by fishing in the Savinja, which was forbidden! As the servants and hunters passed by, the farmer was quickly spotted. In distress FARMER shouts: Devil, help me to live better! DEVIL (in a serious voice): Boy, what brought you to such a bad experience? FARMER (panting): They hunted me… DEVIL (surprised): Why did they hunt you, because they didn't hunt you for nothing, didn't they? FARMER: Um, you know what it's like... i’m running a little tight with money, but I had to make money with something and these servants ... If they can they snitch me to the lord of the castle. Do you understand me now? DEVIL: Of course, I think I can help you. I will protect you from harmful slaves so that you can hunt peacefully in the Savinja. FARMER: Oh, how kind you are. Thank you a hundred times. DEVIL (shakes at the word god and says reluctantly): Nice and slow, because it won't be completely free.


    FARMER: What do you want? You know I'm out of money? DEVIL: No money, I want your soul. You have three years to take care of your well-being. Then I will come for your soul before the first dawn. NARRATOR: The farmer and the devil agreed to pay. The farmer was getting better, he could even afford a new cow. He also had enough fish to sell. But after two and a half years, he remembered that all good would come to a hellish end. He wondered how he would trick the devil. A fateful evening came and the devil was already standing on the threshold of the farmer's humble byte: FARMER: Devil, can I ask you one last favor? DEVIL: How can I help you? FARMER: I would ask you to bring me a big rock from Čreta (mountain) so that I can build a nicer house on it. DEVIL: Let it be. I will bring it to you, but when I return, your soul will be mine forever. NARRATOR: The devil was on Čreta quickly, but the rock was too heavy even for him and it lasted too long. His time passes with the morning and then he has to disappear. The farmer himself contributed to this: when the devil was already close to the hill, he struck the bell in the church. The devil, however, thought that the morning was already ringing, and dropped the rock between Dreta and Savinja, where it still stands today. He fled deep into the woods.