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Regardless of the statement in the previous paragraph, every time you visit our website, web server log files are automatically stored on the web server (e.g. IP number – a number that identifies an individual computer or other device online). Anaji d.o.o. and our authorized contractors do not process the data collected in this way separately and do not connect it with other data.

In some sections of our website, you will entrust us with your personal data due to correspondence, registration on websites, inquiries, filling in the form for receiving news, filling in the reservation form, etc. Anaji d.o.o. as the controller of personal data, guarantees and undertakes to protect personal data as confidential, in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation. We will not disclose the data you provide to us to third parties or unauthorized parties and will only use and process it for the purpose for which you provided it to us.

We will process the received personal data until the end of the duration of the contractual obligation, or as long as we have a legitimate interest in processing this data, or as long as we are required to do so by law. In the case of an order to receive various news, promotions and notifications, we will process your personal data until you cancel. In the case of participation in prize games, we will process your personal data until the deadline specified in the context of each prize game.

You can unsubscribe from receiving news at any time by clicking on the marked link in the e-mail received or by sending an e-mail to, or you send a written cancellation to the address Anaji d.o.o., Savinjska cesta 4, 3331 Nazarje.

In the event that you want to find out which of your personal data we process and for what purposes, or If you want to assert any of the legal claims related to the processing of your personal data (information, restriction, deletion, correction, data transfer or objection), send an email to, or send a written request to Anaji d.o.o., Savinjska cesta 4, 3331 Nazarje.

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Neither the company Anaji d.o.o., nor any other legal or physical person who participated in the creation and creation of this website, is responsible for any damage that may arise from the access, use or impossibility of using the information on these websites or for any errors or deficiencies in their content.

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Anaji d.o.o. reserves the right to change the content of this website at any time, in any way and for any reason without prior notice, and assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such changes.



For various reasons, some websites or sub-pages of may contain links to various external sites, such as other Internet sites, individual pages or other resources. We are not responsible for the accessibility, content or errors of external links, nor can users of the website assume that the websites of external links follow the same principles regarding respect for privacy and protection of personal data, as adhered to by Anaji d.o.o. Anaji d.o.o. is responsible for visiting and using linked websites. excluded for all cases.



These websites contain material that is protected by copyright law. For these materials, the participating authors or other copyright holders retain the rights of reproduction or redistribution. All persons reproducing or redistributing this information are expected to comply with the terms and conditions required by the authors or copyright holders. Materials so protected may nevertheless be quoted and used in good faith, in accordance with copyright regulations.



In case of questions regarding the protection of your personal data when using this website, as well as other questions regarding this website, send an email to info@hudicevaskala. com.



To optimize the website in terms of system efficiency, usability and provision of useful information about the services of Anaji d.o.o., in log files on the user’s computer, the company Anaji d.o.o. automatically collects and stores information. These include the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and language setting, operating system, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and date/time of visit.

These data are provided by the company Anaji d.o.o. used to effectively manage websites, to learn more about user behavior across websites, to analyze trends and to gather demographic information about users in a comprehensive manner. The collected data can be used for marketing and advertising services and for communication (for example, optimizing and improving the user experience that provides more attractive offers and services).

In the event that non-personal data is used together with personal data, such data shall be treated as personal data as long as they are combined.

The personal data protection statement from these conditions also applies to data collected by cookies and other comparable techniques.



Websites, e-mail messages, online services, advertising and interactive applications can use so-called cookies to optimize services.

A cookie is a small file, usually containing a sequence of letters and numbers, which is loaded on the user’s terminal equipment (computer, mobile device, etc.; in these terms generally referred to as: computer) when the user visits the Anaji d.o.o. website. (from its web server, Anaji d.o.o. sends to the browser cookie file on the hard drive of the user’s computer). This, for example, on the website of Anaji d.o.o. allows the user’s device to be recognized when a connection is established between a web server and a web browser. The main purpose of the cookie is to enable the web server to present customized web pages to the user, which enable the experience of visiting the website of Anaji d.o.o. more personal and better responsive to individual user needs. Cookies are also used so that Anaji d.o.o. learns more about the way users use its websites and also helps to improve the user’s experience when they visit the websites.



The company Anaji d.o.o. can use the following types of cookies on websites:

    More information about cookies can be found online, for example on the website:

    When the user’s consent is required for the use or installation of cookies, Anaji d.o.o. obtains the user’s consent before using them or before downloading them to the user’s device (computer).



    The company Anaji d.o.o. in order to constantly optimize its marketing communication on its websites, it uses the analytical software Google Analytics from Google Inc., which uses cookies for the purpose of traffic analysis (visitor count, identification of browsers and keywords leading to the site, navigation problems). The website or the company Anaji d.o.o. informs the user about them and loads cookies on the user’s device (computer), and gives the user the option to reject cookies.

    This allows online behavior to be tracked; at the collection stage, cookies store information about how users use the website, including the number of pages viewed, where the user comes from (geographical location), time of visit and number of visits, in order to improve the website and ensure a good user experience. This data is collected via tracking cookies. Data obtained through cookies are anonymous and are not linked to personal data. The company Anaji d.o.o. does not share this data with any third parties for their independent use. If the user does not accept cookies, no information is stored.



    In accordance with the law, the technical storage of data or access to them is permitted exclusively for the purpose of transmitting a message over an electronic communication network, or if this is absolutely necessary to provide an information society service that the user expressly requests. The company Anaji d.o.o. uses the following cookies for these purposes, namely own session cookies and cookies for counting the number of page visitors; cookies last only as long as necessary to achieve their purpose, or at most for the duration of the browsing session, and are deleted as the session progresses.



    The user is enabled to accept or reject all cookies on all visited websites, bearing in mind that most browsers automatically accept cookies; or to block their use by changing the settings in your internet browser. For example, if he is using Internet Explorer version 8.0, he must perform the following steps: 1. select Tools and then Internet Options 2. click on the Privacy tab 3. use the slider to select the desired setting. With other Internet browsers, if the user wants to change the browser settings or delete cookies, the user should follow the instructions of the specific browser.
    If cookies are disabled, some functions and full functionality of the websites are no longer available or will not work properly.



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